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Teacher Wish List Form (editable) Open with Adobe Reader. You can print and complete, then put in PTA Mailbox. Alternately: Click "Sign" then "Add Text." Save with changes then Email to Danielle Spigler.
Looking for a gift idea for one of our fabulous PMES Teachers? 
Check out their wish list to the right!
If your child's teacher isn't listed, they may not have completed a list. 

Lists from last year are further down the page. If you don't see one for this year, there may be an old one there. 
Wish Lists - 2022-2023

CLICK HERE for the most recent wish lists.

Note: The most current wish list for teachers and staff are included above. If we did not receive a list, the previous version we have on file (if available) is noted below. If you do not see a list, that means we either did not receive one or do not have a previous version on file. ​